What are age spots and what causes them? Is there anything that you can do about them? Those are questions that many people have. You’ll find the answers here, but first let’s talk a little bit about the subject of aging skin.

Things that have always been associated with getting older might have little to do with the passage of time. Conditions like heart disease, arthritis, gray hair and wrinkles might have more to do with diet than anything else.

One of the causes of aging skin is oxidation caused by free radical damage. Oxidation is a fact of life and we cannot completely stop it, but we can slow it down. Antioxidants in the diet and in our skincare products can help.

The most antioxidant-rich foods are fruits, vegetables and other plant foods. The most antioxidant rich creams are those contain plant based oils and extracts. Some formulations that include the protein keratin have more antioxidant activity than others, because they stimulate the production of antioxidants within the skin’s cells. That brings us to the question of what are age spots.

They are clumps of melanin, the compound responsible for the skin’s color. Melanin production is stimulated by UV rays from the sun or hormonal changes. When caused by hormonal changes, a heavily pigmented area is usually referred to as melasma. It may be hard to tell the difference between a melasma and an age spot. But, it’s only important if you are currently taking some kind of prescription drug that contains hormones. If so, your dosage may need to be lowered, you should see your doctor.

So, that covers what are age spots and what causes them. That brings us to what we can do about them. And that brings us back to the plants.

The full process responsible for melanin production is not well understood, but it can be measured. There are plant extracts that inhibit melanin production. If it is not produced, then the new skin cells that gradually make their way to the skin’s surface over the course of six weeks will be lighter in color.

While that’s not an immediate cure, it is a long lasting one. The most effective plant extract for inhibiting melanin production comes from the cyperus rotundus root. It has been shown to reduce melanin production by over 40% at a .5% concentration.

Now that you know; what are age spots, what causes them and what you can do about them, you may see why it is so important to protect your skin from overexposure to the sun. But, just in case; UV radiation stimulates the production of free radicals within the cells. Free radicals cause oxidative damage that leads to wrinkles, sagging and all of the signs of age. That’s why you need an antioxidant-rich moisturizer.

Cyperus rotundus does not have antioxidant activity, but some of the better formulations combine it with the protein keratin and the antioxidant coenzyme Q10. Both have been shown to reduce wrinkles. If you wanted to know; what are age spots, then you have probably seen a few wrinkles, too. With the right moisturizer, you can do something about them.

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