MPPI also known as mortgage payment protection insurance should be looked into by all homeowners as it can mean the difference between you losing your home if you find yourself falling sick or being involved in an accident that meant you were unable to work. It would also payout if you were to become a victim of redundancy. You would still have the money needed to be able to continue paying on the policy despite the fact that you have lost your income.

You would not have to make any huge changes to your lifestyle, nor would you have to scrimp and scrape with the little money you had to be able to keep on paying your mortgage. Instead you would be able to relax for the period of the policy which is usually either 12 or 24 monthly payments which are tax-free. You could concentrate on making a full recovery from accident or illness or look around for work after being made redundant. You would have to wait for a period of time before you would be able to claim on the cover. Some providers start to provide an income after 30 days and others could ask 90 days.

With MPPI behind you there would be no worries about the lender deciding to take you to court and seek repossession of your home. While lender usually give some leeway, if you have not got an income coming into the home on a regular basis you would not be able to come to an agreement with the lender. Not being able to catch up on arrears and also maintain your mortgage repayments would almost certainly see the lender starting proceedings to repossess.

For a small premium paid to a standalone specialist in payment protection for an MPPI policy you would be able to pay your mortgage on time each month and avoid court proceedings. The premium charged for protection would take into account how much you wanted to cover each month, the level of protection needed and age. The level of protection can be accident, sickness and unemployment in one package. You can also choose just to take out insurance for incapacity only or just for unemployment by such as redundancy only. Age based premiums mean the younger you are the cheaper the premiums which is excellent for first time homebuyers who have tight budgets and large mortgage repayments.

MPPI is a more viable option than relying on the State to provide you with an income to cover your mortgage. You may be entitled to receive help from them but they only give so much towards the interest part of the mortgage and not the capitol. You must also not have savings over a certain amount, have a partner in full time work living with you and you would have to wait several months before seeing any money. Relying on savings could also be a let down as they could run out before you are fit and well enough to return to earning a living or you could not have found a job in time.

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