There are many po[censored] r games that are known to be pla[censored] at bridal showers today. As you many know, bridal showers are almost always done just before the bride is getting married. The ones who prepare the party are the brides most close friends and family members. While there are dozens of games that could be pla[censored] , there are definitely games that stand out from the others. Po[censored] r games that are pla[censored] at many bridal showers include: how well does the bride know the groom, first kiss, whats in the bag, hit the target, bride bingo, and more. These games will not only challenge the bride but the guests that are at the party. Some prizes can be designed for the people who win the games and those should be made up by the party planners.

One game mentioned above that many think is very po[censored] r is bridal bingo. Of course, theres a bit of a twist between bride bingo and the traditional bingo game. Similar to regular bingo, you will allow your guests to make their bingo card with 5 rows down and 5 rows across. However, inside each of the boxes the guests will write down an item that they think the bride will receive during the bridal shower by other guests. If the bride does in fact receive the gifts that the guests write down, then they get to mark off the box that the item was written in. Get 5 boxes in a row, or diagonally and you win the game! Now as you might imagine, games like this are going to become all the rage pretty quickly. Having these for your guests are going to make them happy to come to your bridal shower and they will leaving having had a good time.

Another bridal shower game you may have heard of is two truths and a lie. This game is pla[censored] by the guests and the bride and it starts by each guest introducing herself to everyone else. As they introduce themselves, they will tell the group three different things about them. Two of the things they tell the guests will be true and one of the things they tell the guests will be a lie. The rest of the game can be carried out one of two ways. Either have your guests write down with a pen and paper what things they think are lies, or you can have them just yell it out. While it might be a better idea to have them write it down as it will allow you to keep things more organized, it will be much more exciting and joyful to have them yell it as it will provide more fun for the party. Now, some of your guests might find it difficult to think of several different lies. If you're not used to lying on a regular basis, you might not be the type of person to come up with lies quickly. If your guests are having a tough time coming up with some lies, just whisper in their ear a good lie that you can think of.

The bridal word scramble is going to be the last game we have. You essentially just make a list of many scrambled up bridal words that relate to various subjects like weddings, gifts and romance. After that's done, you just give them the list of words and let them do unscrambling of the words. You may imagine that there are lots of different games that can be pla[censored] at showers, but some are much more fun than others. You can find websites and articles that will help you think of additional ideas.

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