Creating a beautiful garden isn't easy for everyone, especially for people who don't have a green thumb. You can grown a healthy garden even if you don't have a green thumb by finding information and tips about gardening. Whether you are planting herbs, vegetables, flowering plants, annuals or perennials you can find information, tips and inspiration in a number of different places. A local garden centre is a great place to get information, ideas and help as you work on your garden. Friends and relatives with gardening experience are also great help. Read gardening books and magazines to get inspiration for the design of your garden. To get information, ideas and tips watch a garden show on TV. If you're finding it difficult to figure out how to choose plants appropriate for your climate and soil conditions then you should take a walk around your neighbourhood to see what is working (and what isn't) for your neighbours.

Once you have your ideas down on paper you need to put together a design. It is important to have clear goals and know what you plan to use your garden for. Consider the size of project you want to plan for. Do you plan on planting a small garden space or working on a huge area of your backyard? What types of materials do you need - aggregates and stones, rocks, sod, gr[censored] seed, soil or mulch? Do you want to create water features? Before you go ahead consider what will easily grow in your climate. Look at the present condition of your soil and the type of drainage you currently have. No matter your plans, try to keep your design versatile, cost effective and realistic.

For any project budget is always important to consider and this is no different when it comes to gardening. Before you decide to start a gardening job set a realistic budget. You can't just set your budget, you also have to stick with it. Staying within budget may mean that you need to find materials on sale. To find deals you should consider buying materials on sale at your local garden centre. However, don't compromise the health of your plants for cost because it can be quite expensive if you choose unhealthy plants that die and need to be replaced. Some unhealthy plants can also introduce diseases into other places in your garden and spread quickly to other plant varieties, which can be a costly error. You need to balance budget with quality, healthy plants..

It's not hard to find gardening tips in a number of different places. Ensuring that you choose easy to maintain plants is a smart idea. You can suppress weeds in your garden by choosing ground hugging plants. Looking for plants that are weed resistant will make gardening a little easier. Everyone wants a colourful garden but sometimes it takes a lot of maintenance to keep colourful plants healthy. Planting containers, boxes and pots are a great alternative to adding colour to your garden. Keep invasive plants in line and also keep your garden looking neat by using border edging. To ensure your lawn is as easy to maintain as possible consider replacing part of the gr[censored] with hardwood decking, patio stones or gravel and then planting around the borders. Keep your plants healthy by getting them ready for dry spells all you have to do is mix water strong granules into the soil. You don't have to be an expert to keep your garden beautiful and healthy.

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