Today, the use of metals is very popular. It is very common to find commercial and residential buildings with parts that are made from metal. There are also several pieces of furniture that are made from metals. Some are 100% metal while others make use of other materials like plastic, glass and wood. If you are planning to have your house built or buy some items for your home, you may consider items that are made from metals.

Why Metal?

There are many choices for materials. Choosing metal is good not only for you but also for the earth. The supply of metal is limited. Luckily, metals are recyclable. They can be recycled infinitely. This is why governments encourage metal recycling. It is better to use metals in various industries and in creating different products than to let them pile up on landfills. For instance, you can use metals for various parts of your house and to make furniture and decorations.

Car Port

Metals can be used in making carports. It is easy and affordable to build a carport using metals. There are metal carport kits that are available today. Usually, they are made from steel or aluminium. You can opt to create a stand alone or attached carport. You can choose to have shed, gable roves or flat roof for the metal carport. A metal carport should be able to protect your vehicle.

Gazebo or Picnic Area

You can also make a gazebo or a picnic area in your backyard out of metals. You may just use nets or screens to keep mosquitoes and insects out. This can be a nice place to have a BBQ or picnic.


Roofing is one of the most important parts of a house. Metal can be a great material for roofing. They are strong and can stand harsh weather including hails and strong winds. They are also non-combustible. Although metal roofing can cost more than the traditional shingles, they are of higher quality and can last longer.


There are many furniture that can make use of metals. For instance, chairs and tables can have metal legs or stand. They will surely be sturdy. Tables and chairs can be fully or partially made from metals. They are great for indoor and outdoor use. In fact, metal tables and chairs are the ones ideal for outdoor use such as in garden or patio since they can stand the heat and rain.

Cabinets can also be made from metal. While woods cannot guarantee to keep your belongings safe from insects and rodents, metals just like plastics can guarantee ultimate protection.


Metal art works have become very popular for the past years. Outstanding artists were able to come up with fantastic wall arts, metal sculpture, and other decorations made from metal.

For decorations for home and office, metals can take different sizes and shapes. They can have random or patterned designs. With the technology in metal work industry, it is not impossible to produce outstanding décor pieces even from scrap metals.

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