Water flow meters are used to measure the flow of water and are most essentially used to estimate the use of water for domestic and industrial purposes. These devices have become increasingly po[censored] r as they help to get the accurate measurement of the amount of water that is used by households or industries. Water flow meters are also used to check on water leaks and thus prevent wastage of water. There are different types of water flow meter and each of them is used for different purposes. In this article we will see some of the water flow meters.

Positive Displacement Meter

The positive displacement meter is the most commonly found water flow meter. It is most commonly found in households where it is used to measure the flow of water, especially the low flow of water. The positive displacement meter works by measuring the flow of water that is compared to the previous volume of water that was stored in a chamber (where the flow meter is also placed). To calculate the flow of water, the number of times the chamber is emptied and filled is counted.

Velocity Water Flow Meter

As the same suggests, the velocity water flow meter works on the phenomenon of velocity. There are various mechanisms used to calculate the volume of water. The velocity water flow meter is especially helpful to measure large volumes of water. Thus it is seen that this kind of flow meter is more often used in huge industries where large amounts of water is used every day. Among the different kinds of velocity water flow meter available in the market, some of the common ones include turbine meters, multi-jet meters, magnetic meters, ultrasonic meters, venture meters and [censored] meters.

Hot Water Flow Meter

Hot water flow meter comes in two forms – turbine hot water and multi-jet water meter. The multi-jet hot water flow meter gives precise measurements and is most commonly used where the water flow is less. On the other hand the turbine hot water flow meter is used for commercial purposes as it can measure large volumes of water.

Compound meters and electromagnetic meters are other types of water flow meters found in the market.

Benefits of Water Flow Meters

To reduce wastage of water, flow meters are extremely helpful. However, there are several other benefits of using the different kinds of flow meters, some of which are mentioned below-

Water flow meters help to increase the water supply as power is increased. But while the water power is increased, the power consumption isn't affected.

Most of the water flow meters are built in such a way that they can withstand harsh conditions such as bad weather, scratch and rust.

Water can be measured and distributed, which is one of the biggest advantages of water flow meters. This helps in reducing wastage of water.

Water flow meters are also used in agriculture where the exact amount of water is measured and then discharged into the fields.

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