There are many surgical procedures that are available to help you lose weight and combat any obesity problems that you might be having. The stomach stapling procedure is definitely one that has been in the news a lot, but it is terribly invasive and can actually be dangerous to perform because of the massive amounts of tunneling in your stomach that is required for it to be effective. Taking stomach stapling out of the way, the other two major candidates for surgery include lap band surgery and gastric bypass surgery. These two surgical methods can be compared on multiple fronts.


Since everything in the world tends to revolve around money in some way, shape or form, it is important to compare these two surgical procedures in terms of their cost. Gastric bypass surgery is a very complicated procedure that requires specialized knowledge and instruments that are very delicate and perfectly crafted. With all of these things taken into account, the resulting cost for the surgery is very high. Lap band surgery on the other hand does not require knowledge as specialized to perform and the lap band instrumentation is a lot cheaper than the tools used in the gastric bypass surgery. This means that lap band surgery in the end is quite a bit cheaper than gastric bypass surgery.


Gastric bypass surgery, for all intents and purposes, is a permanent thing. It is possible to change back whatever was done to you during such a surgery, but at the same time it is also important to realize that gastric bypass surgery is something that corrects a problem permanently. It is a permanent fix to a current problem. Lap band surgery on the other hand is really more of a treatment than it is a cure. Rather than changing things to make you feel better, its goal is to work with you to get better, at which point it can be removed. Gastric bypass surgery is therefore a lot more potentially life-changing in a negative way than lap band surgery would be.


For gastric bypass surgery, you have essentially signed your surrender against the current condition you are in. This means that in addition to this permanent change of surgery, you are also going to have to commit to a strict diet and a lot of exercise, as well as regular visits to the doctor to have your surgery monitored. With lap band surgery on the other hand, you can make any needed adjustments yourself and therefore allow yourself to go from an inactive and unhealthy lifestyle to one that is healthy and active at your own pace. Changes can be gradual and trips to the doctor are greatly reduced.


On the three major issues of cost, permanence and maintenance, it is quite clear that lap band surgery knocks the pants off its gastric bypass counterpart. It is simply a better procedure in so many ways that the only logical conclusion that can be reached is that a lap band procedure is much better.

Lap Band is a highly popular and comprehensive web site that offers information on Obesity, weight loss and Slim Band surgery.
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Whenever you turn on the news, doesn’t it always seem to be women that are the victims of attack? Yes, men are also on the receiving end but proportionally it seems that women are attacked far more often than men. The reason for this is that women are not physically as strong as men all things being equal. Society still likes to view women as fair flowers, dainty and fragile which is exactly the kind of talk that gets women into trouble. Street thugs are cowards and will never attack anyone who can give them anything approaching an even fight. They prey on women walking alone and make their move. Anyone who has watched the videos made by Chris Pizzo will know that attackers can be in for a shock if a ‘poor defenseless woman’ has learned what Chris has shown them.

Close Combat Training is ideal for all shapes and sizes which is why it is more successful and held in higher regard than other programs. Other techniques are not really applicable to women because of the genetic differences between the sexes. The aforementioned strength difference is certainly one of the main factors. You see, self defense programs often make the mistake of teaching moves that depend on the user’s strength and fitness level being quite high. Therefore, a small, light, middle-aged mother of four is very unlikely to be able to perform these moves correctly. Captain Chris knows this and has devised something that could almost be described as ‘one size fits all’.

Men have generally be trained since birth to use physical might to get what they want. Violence in one form or another is part of a man’s everyday life growing up. This doesn’t necessarily mean that all men are involved in fights, but if you ever see a group of teenage guys together for example, note how they often push and kick each other around in a playful manner that could actually be hurting one another. This sort of behavior is rarely if ever seen amongst a group of girls. The program of Chris Pizzo takes all this into account and can be used by women just as easily as by guys.

As women have become more liberated, they have finally cast aside the shackles of convention and started to learn martial arts techniques as well as other forms of defense. The trouble with this is that many of these programs have the problems outlined above. Captain Chris teaches moves that are simple and effective to learn and can help women who are small and relatively physically weak disable attackers far bigger and stronger than they are. He discovered many years ago that size really doesn’t matter in a close quarters combat situation and now he is imparting his wisdom to those smart enough to seek it.

So ladies, if you are tired of being seen as the ‘weaker sex’, take a look at what Chris Pizzo can do for you. His moves will allow you to protect yourself against a thug whilst retaining your femininity.

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Finding a nursing home can be a difficult experience for a variety of reasons. For many people this may be the first time they have been introduced to health, financial and life planning activities. Fortunately there are a number of excellent resources available to help you screen nursing homes and address any concerns you may have about the quality of a facility and the care that will potentially be provided to your loved ones.

In the United States, Medicare (the federal health insurance program for the elderly) rates nursing homes by a number of factors including the results of health inspections, the quality of the staff, the level of services provided and others. These factors are used to determine the quality of care and the home which are then rated on a scale of one to five with five being the highest rating a facility can receive.

Regulations governing nursing homes and the inspection process vary from state to state. This means different results for different states. The best way to compare nursing homes is to compare the facilities in one particular state or region to ensure that the facilities are being evaluated using the same criteria.

To learn more about Medicare programs, visit their website at: In addition to the information provided about nursing homes, they also have a great deal of general information about nursing care costs and other programs which can also be very helpful.

Although the Medicare rating system can assist with narrowing down the list of options, here are some other things you may want to consider in the decision making process:

• Check on the Internet for a website for the facility.

• Check for customer feedback or testimonials from current residents or families of residents.

• Look for the type of activities and services provided to residents.

• Look for pictures of the facility inside and out.

• Make an appointment to tour the facility and meet the staff.

The decision to place a loved one in a nursing home environment is not one that is lighthearted for anyone. Carefully examining your options is the first step to ensuring a quality experience for all involved.

The quality of life of our residents is directly proportional to the quality of the effort given by our staff. Quality of life cannot be fully spelled out in policy statements. Indeed, our staff and facility are fully accredited, licensed, and inspected, and are continually updating their training and education in order to be in full compliance with all regulatory requirements for the safety and well being of our residents.

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