You have probably heard it said that breastfeeding your baby is very important. In fact, most doctors will recommend breastfeeding for at least 1 year after the baby is born. This is because breast milk is loaded with great stuff for your baby.

Breast milk is a combination of beneficial fats, minerals, vitamins, proteins and sugars that keep your baby healthy.

The properties of breast milk keep your baby from getting sick as often, and never for as long as formula fed babies. They build up the baby's immune system, and protect your baby from diseases, viruses, and other sicknesses.

You may have noticed that right after you had your baby, your breast milk was a clear to yellow color for a little while. That is called Cholestrum. Cholestrum is what the baby gets from you at the very beginning, and it's amazingly full of vitamins and minerals. It gives your baby a boost of immunity to diseases and viruses. Since the baby is particularly vulnerable to things like that, it's Mother Nature's way of making sure your baby will stay healthy. The cholestrum ensures that the newborn baby's blood sugar levels are correct, and acts like a laxative to clear out the baby's system.

Commercial formulas are not able to reproduce cholestrum, or regular breast milk at all. We have to give the companies credit for a really good try, but the formulas don't come anywhere near having the same stuff in them as breast milk. The proteins in breast milk are much easier for your baby to digest. Amazingly, the components of breast milk change as the baby gets older, to make sure (s)he is getting exactly what they need for growing. Formulas cannot adapt for your baby's age (except for being a little thicker and more filling for older babies)!

Studies have shown that children who were breastfed exclusively for at least the first six months of their lives have a lower risk of developing obesity, childhood diabetes, certain cancers, allergies and asthma. Breastfed babies have a lower risk of ear infections, general sicknesses, and SIDS. This is possible because of immunoglobins, which are found only in human milk.

Suckling at the breast instead of bottles will especially at night is also less likely to lead to tooth decay than bottle feeding. The reason is probably that the way babies suckle, the breast milk enters the baby's mouth behind the teeth and is then swallowed immediately. In addition, studies indicate that since breast milk contains lactoferrin, actually killing the bacteria that cause tooth decay, breast milk is simply not cariogenic.

The benefits of breastfeeding your baby are massive, and they can never to the same extent be gotten from formulas. The benefits that your baby gets from your breast milk will continue for as long as you breastfeed him or her and far beyond. Studies have shown that the benefits of breastfeeding a baby even for just 1 month has positive lasting effects on health during the first 14 years of a baby's life.

Now, what if mom can't breastfeed or has to go back to work early? Remember that some breast milk is better than none. Even if you can only breastfeed your baby once or twice per day, your little infant will get some of the important benefits.

And if you can't breastfeed at all, you can still make informed choices on what type of formula to give your baby. For example, hydrolyzed milk formula is easier to digest for a little infant, and is therefore less likely to result in constipation. Also, formulas with added DHA and ARA may have a similar positive effect on brain and vision development as breast milk.

There is a lot of research going on in this area, and over time formula is likely to become better and better for feeding a baby, although of course never as perfect as the real stuff.

Paula Dennholt is the founder of - Your First Year Survival Guide. Visit for a full range of breastfeeding information. The site also provides tips on baby care, useful baby gear, sleep issues, being a new mom and more.
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Stop! Don't throw away those old calendars! There is so much you can do with a calendar to reinforce academic skills. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Writing - Use the pictures as story starters by having children write an original story, poem, or song centered around them.

2. Art - Cut out the pictures and use them to make your own greeting cards. Write original sayings to go inside.

3. Classification - Have a selection of different kinds of pictures available so your children can sort them according to general similarities...all pets, all cars, all buildings, etc. Older children can sort them into more specific categories such as sports cars, SUV's, etc.

4. Flash Cards - Make your own by putting a picture on one side and writing the word on the other. For older children, write a sentence including the word. Have children make their own flash cards! (NOTE: Cut out the numbers to make math flash cards.)

5. Left-to-Right Progression - As you teach young children the days of the week, always point out that you are starting from the left and going to the right.

6. Days and Dates - Ask questions that review days, dates, and ordinal numbers. For instance, which day of the week is the third? What is the date of the fourth Wednesday? When does Autumn begin (day and date)? Which holiday is on September 5?

7. Math - Ask questions to review before and after. For instance, what will the date be five days after Labor Day? What will that day be? If National Farm Animals Awareness Week is September 18, what was the date nine days earlier? Which day of the week was it? What would the sum be if you add the dates of all Tuesdays in the month? For older children, make it a 2-part problem and have them subtract from, multiply, or divide the answer. Using the dates of the calendar, what is the difference of the last Friday and the second Friday? Are you multiplying, yet? Skip color all the boxes in multiples of 8, for instance. You would then have boxes numbered 8, 16, and 24 filled in. Since you will have several days left over, children can learn the term

'remainders' and get ready for division!

8. Reading - Alphabetize all the holidays and special days. How many syllables are in each name? List the holidays, then the special days. Which countries are represented? Do some research and find out more about unfamiliar days.

I hope these ideas have been useful and have ignited your own creativity.

And remember...Reading is FUNdamental!

Freda J. Glatt, MS, retired from teaching after a 34-year career in Early Childhood and Elementary Education. Her focus, now, is to reach out and help others reinforce reading comprehension and develop a love for reading. Visit her site at Reading is FUNdamental!
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